Historical Overview

Community Engagement

The Barnett Group is committed to the development of Jamaica

Over the years, we have played our part in creating opportunities for growth in Montego Bay by providing the people who make up the great city with safe communities to learn, work and play.



“ I can’t help you financially but I can give you a home” - Mark Kerr Jarrett. 15+ acres of land leased to Montego Bay United Football Club for 49 years at $1.00. Wespow Park has been developed on this land and is home to Montego Bay United Football Club. 


TankWeld, National Bakery, Barnett Ltd, Fairview Texaco,
Rainforest Seafood


Granville Football Club


Project Star

Barnett Limited partners with Project STAR’s “vision of working together to transform Jamaica into a place where everyone is valued and has the opportunity to thrive” with a significant commitment.


Fairfield International Academy

Donating 14 acres of prime property to Fairfield International Academy for the development of a K through grade 12 school with boarding and sports facilities.

Fairfield International Academy

5.67 ha (14 acres) located in the North Bank development area and along the Montego River.

The Kerr Jarrett family and Barnett Limited is donating 14 acres to a group led by Adam Stewart, Yoni Epstein and Frederik Moe to develop and operate a first world K-12 grade educational facility with boarding, sports and all modern amenities.


The Cross

An iconic landmark, built in the late 1950’s, The Cross stands 60 feet tall, and is lit at night with solar powered LED lighting.

It was built by our Managing Director’s grandfather (Sir Francis M. Kerr-Jarrett), as a witness to the Lord’s continued faithfulness, grace and mercy to the Kerr-Jarrett family and Jamaica.